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My band Acquiesce have have been together for 2yrs, we consist of five people.

Ian Crocker 17 yrs ( thats me ! ) - lead vocalist

Lawrie Cunningham 16 yrs- Rythm guitarist

Matthew Noel 17 yrs- Lead guitarist

Sean Hollis 18 yrs- Bass guitarist, backing vocals

Ryan Hall 19 yrs- Drummer

It started just before christmas when Lawrie asked me if I would like to be a singer in a band, I thought about it for a short while, then agreed. Shortly after we got Hannah Race to be our bass guitarist. Jay then was the last recruit, as he had a Pearl drum kit and wanted to be in a band, he immediatly took up our offer to join our band. After hectic practiscing we were finally ready for our first gig (just around Easter) which was at the local youth club called Arts Alive. Two days before the event Hannah was ill so we had to perform without a bass guitarist, we acted fast and got together three girls from our school to play cello and violins for the first song which was 'Whatever' by Oasis.The second song we performed was another Oasis number called 'Supersonic', for this we had to get a guitarist from another band to help us out.After all the nerves were gone we went on stage and did reasonably well on both nights of the show, we achieved A GOLD AWARD which was held in front of over 250 people. After this we re-grouped and my close friends Sean Hollis and Matthew Noel steped in, which changed the band totaly, and gave us a new look. Sean Hollis is involved in many other different bands, so his experiance would be invaluble. Matthew Noel is a very talented guitarist and has had experiance of being in a succesful band. One night Sean and I where in my bedroom talking and playing on the guitar, when we decided to compose a song. I had made some basic lyrics but had forgotten about them until Sean found them in one of my draws, he read with interest and thought that we could add some music to it. After about 5 minutes Sean after fiddiling around with chords, found a good structure of chords that fitted my lyrics, a few minutes here and there with adjustments made our song complete. A few weeks past and then there was news that our local club would be making a CD just for the bands that played in the St.Peter's Arts Alive.It was now July time and we would be recording in August, so we only had time to practice our new song a few times in full before the recording session. The recording session took about one week for all of the bands to record their songs, our song took about 4 hours all in all to complete, spread out over a couple of days. A further few months past, it was now October, we had just heard that on the 1st of November the CD would go on sale. We were expected to play live in the local Town Centre to help launch the CD. Our preparation for this date was bad, due to Jay working most of the time it made it hard to practise. Lukily Sean can play the drums well, so he managed to take Jays place when he wasn't there. We had two long practises running up to the event, which went well. Saturday had arrived and we where confident that it would go well, we weren't to be disappointed. We played three oasis numbers 'Supersonic', 'Stand By Me', 'Whatever' and mine and Seans composition 'Let What Awaits us'. Two weeks have passed and 250 cd's have been sold, if anyone is intertested in buying a cd for only 6 pounds, please contact me. The next that we played was for 'Children in need' on the 21st of November, where we played in front of over 200 unpriviliged children. We also played live for a local radio station which was our latest song 'Mind Games'. We had lots of publicity and in the near fure we hope to be on local television CTV with a full report on just our band. All in all the gig was a major success and was probably the best one that we'eve ever done. Unfortunately we had to change drumers due to Ryan Hall practising with us leading up to the event meaning that we had to drop our first drummer Jay Vibert.

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